16 May 2011

back from amsterdam!

Day 81 by 1 a day*
Day 81, a photo by 1 a day* on Flickr.

Dear Amsterdam,

Thank you so much for being such a lovely city. So beautiful, cosy, warm and welcoming.
I did ride a bicycle, ate a traditional pancake, dined in restaurant which used to be a mosque, been to amsterdam book fare, enjoyed a few pints of heineken (yum-yum!), randomly wandered into red light district (ladies!), bought some tulips (oh really?), had long walks by numerous canals, got scared of trams, got a bit of dutch tan (a tiny bit), seen crazy AJAX fans, had breakfast on a sunny balcony.. etc.

I am looking forward (very much!) to seeing you soon, sweetheart.

Best wishes.

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