8 Sep 2012

Saatchi Korean Eye 2012

 Going to Saatchi Gallery is always a pleasure. I love the area, building, book shop (of course!), even the smell there is unique. Visitors are guaranteed to find something absolutely different and memorable. This time wasn't an exception.

I took couple of Instagram shots to share!
Enjoy Korean Eye 2012


Kim Byoungho

Kim Byoungho
This piece was actually making bell like sound, very gentle and quiet. So you would want to come closer to look at the artwork and hear it and of course every little ball reflects the gallery space.

Lee Kwangho
Lee Kwangho had couple large scale paintings in one room. At a glance they look like photographs of plants but instantly one will be drawn closer (as you see on this picture, he-he, lovely people hope you don't mind being here!) to investigate and discover it's actually painting in a very interesting, full of texture and beautiful technique.

Lee Jaehyo
Lee Jaehyo

Lee Jaehyo
Beautiful and mesmerising work and of course very photogenic (hello couple!).

Hong Sung Chul
This work is made out of some sort of painted rubber strings arranged in particular way which makes it amazing and very interesting from every corner of the room.

Well, that's just a glimpse of what you can find at Saatchi at the moment! It's full of unusual and different art, I choose those artworks to my taste and I bet you will discover something else.
Korean Eye 2012 will be open till 23rd of September and I highly recommend you to go and see it! If you are not in London or not available but curious then follow the link and have a look at full list of artists with some examples of work HERE.

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