10 Oct 2012

Holiday Ornaments

Hello lovelies!

I'm an early bird this year and made some christmas decorations in October! Just to get myself into the festive mood and have some fun.
That's how I made them. It's lots of fun, try it yourself! :)

I make the shapes from air clay, add a loop, paint the animals in desired colour and leave them overnight. So they can grow eyes, mouths, cheeks and of course they will varnish themselves (to protect from rain)! 

Next morning all I need to do is add a cute bakers thread (or anything else) and hang them somewhere! 
On this occasion it's my wardrobe door and I secured the animals with absolutely gorgeous washi tape from amazing Uguisu store 

Of course they can be used as christmas decorations/ornaments and be hanged absolutely anywhere. But you can make a christmas tree out of them as well! 

After festive season is over or you just feel like you want to have a company, attach the animal on a string or chain and wear it as a pendant! :)

Fox, bear, wolf and rabbit can be bought individually or as a set of 4! :) It's a set of 4 but a price of 3.
You can mix and match and have any juxtaposition of animals and a different quantity, let's chat about it. :) 

Are you usually stocking up in advance or leaving everything for the last moment? :)

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