22 Oct 2012

Saturday* Somerset House


This Saturday was wonderful and easy day off! Well first half of the day was *off. 
It's long time since I had an opportunity to crawl out my little cave, put drawing tools to the side and go explore the world.
Destination Somerset House!
I really wanted to see Images 36: Best of British Illustration exhibition It was overwhelming to see so much amazing work together. Awesome and information overload!
Of course couldn't miss Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition. Which was a great insight into his work and some seriously cool props. 
After seeing so many visually impressive things one is forced to be inspired! 
So back to work, new week, new beginning. :) 
Thank you for inspiration, dear Somerset House. Hope to see you soon. Maybe for some cool ice skating session?

instagram snapshots, enjoy.
Doll has something against big pom-pom.

Look! How beautiful are autumn sunsets in Putney. 

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