3 Oct 2012

Royal Mail/Post Office

As now with the etsy shop I'm sending a lot more mail then before, I'm a regular customer at my local Post Office. When sending mail they always offer the most expensive option first and then go down and down till just 1st class or Airmail (without explaining what they are offering for the price + trying to charge for a parcel £2.70 when it's a large letter £0.90).
The other day I had three parcels, two to UK and one to Taiwan. One of them was quite big (with sweets and tea) to my lovely sister in law. Lady who was serving me offered all sorts of options for each parcel but when it came to the largest one and I refused to go for recorded option and went  for Royal Mail 1st Class (I really trust Royal Mail, rarely anything gets lost, so reliable) when the lady told me:" In that case I can't guarantee it will arrive!" Well, I thought, whatever works for them, they always bully people into expensive options. So two small parcels one to UK (sent as 1st Class) and to Taiwan arrived at their destinations but the large one is still travelling somewhere and I hope it's not lost.
So I'm not a big fan of being bullied every time I go to the post office and certainly I do not want to be told that most likely my parcel will be lost if I don't pay more. It does make me think as more of a threat than an information exchange as actually the parcel still haven't arrived!

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