28 Apr 2013

week and dots.


Week for me went by so quick and was full of adventures, yellow colour and polka dots!
Visited PickMeUp exhibition at Somerset House, enjoyed the sunshine, lost my creative energy, found it again (hope so)! Spent some lovely time with my awesome sister in law, ran 6km in one go in a gym (for me it's a lot, ok? I'm a sissy. :D). Finished third fairy tale for Latvian Tale project. 
And I ordered 13 new prints for my little etsy shop and for a Camden Lock market next friday. Can't wait to see them and share with you.

Today I made the biggest brooches so far! As a special order for lovely lady in the US.
Originally they were 16cm tall and shrank to around 5.5cm. When usually my brooches twice as small. Exciting times! I love special orders for brooches, earrings or drawings.

How was your week? :)



Pimlico yellow polka dots

 A new illustration for Latvian tales project


  1. So pretty! I love the fairies<3

    And 6km? I am impressed!


    1. Thank you! :D
      Haha, me too. But been quite lazy and didn't come back to the gym, oopsy. :D