19 May 2013

Fairy tales and creativity.

Little while ago Inga and me started an illustrated blog of Latvian fairy tales (both authors and folk tales). To share some of the wonderful tales and authors we both love so much. Inga is great at translating and I enjoy illustrating them.
But this tale has a very special place in my heart.
When I received the translation from Inga I was at my creative worst. Absolutely lost, empty and with no will to draw or make. It happens from time to time and sometimes it's worse than the other times. It was just perfect timing to remind me to *wipe my tears and get back to work. That's the best possible advice one can receive when so lost and no light is seen at the end of the tunnel. KEEP WORKING! Does it happen to you and what do you do?
Thank you, Anna Sakse for healing my creative mojo this time. 

Here is a fairy tale by Anna Sakse.

I fell into grass and cried. A blade of grass sloped down and asked:
Why are you crying?
People treated me wrong. They destroyed all work I’ve been doing for them, - I answered.
People trample me underfoot every day. I pick myself up again and keep on growing – said the blade of grass.

I swept my tears away and got back to work.
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