20 Sep 2013

Nina and Bob Wedding ❤️

Some time ago lovely Nina and Bob were kind enough to trust me with the responsobility of working on their wedding invitation! It was the first step of a long and exciting adventure! ;)

London themed, unicornical and fairy tale inspired invitation was printed on sparkly creamy paper.
I really enjoyed working on it and couldn't wait to see the wedding as everything was supposed to be unicornical and magical.

And it was indeed! Berries, trees, greens and fairy lights were everywhere. 

This is the second step of my work. Table plan.
As part of the wedding theme were Bob & Ninas favourite books, it wad decided that the table plan must be a book shelf!
A1 size with little tea cups and other objects to symbolise some of the books. 

And here is the magical table! ^_^ 

And the third part of my work. Name cards on the tables were bookmarks and wedding favours at the same time. Each table was associated with a book and a symbol. We were seated at the Secret Garden table and our symbol was a key. All together there were 9 symbols (owls, treasure chest, red shoes and more).
It was such a pleasure to work with Nina & Bob! They knew what they wanted and had lots of fantastic ideas! Very happy that I had a chance to help them to materialize some of the great ideas ;) 

Meet Nina and Bob!!! 
Massive congratulations!
The wedding was wonderfull and full of love. Lots or warm wishes and good vibes to this fabulous couple Bobina & Nob :D 


  1. Great! So interesting to know about the event!
    Thank you for your work and story!