19 Nov 2012

Fried Mushrooms

After watching Great British Food revival, episode with Mr. Carluccio convincing viewers to be more adventurous with mushrooms I bought myself some oyster mushrooms. He was very passionate and as I love mushrooms (all sorts of different types and shapes) I had to try his quick and delicious recipe. :) I did adjust it to my own needs a little bit. :) Fantastic thing about this recipe is that it can work with different types of mushrooms (you can even mix and match, yay!). So I had lots of oyster mushrooms, some portobello and a little bit of white mushrooms, bought from amazing Abel and Cole!

So I washed mushrooms, chopped a them a bit, heated a pan, added olive oil and mushrooms, sprinkled with a little chilli and towards the end added some garlic, parsley and capers. 
I had some potatoes on the side but mushrooms can be eaten on bread or baked with some pastry. :)

Super quick and super delicious recipe! Will be making it again. :)

And if you love mushrooms and would love to grow some yourself here is wonderful kit! :) 

Enjoy if you will decide to try it out! And I would love to hear how it goes!
Do you like mushrooms? ^_^ 

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