15 Nov 2012


Why Handmade? *and why it's so much better then big and soulless 
* it's full of love and attention!
* second, it's one of a kind!
* third, it's like opening christmas presents! :D 

So three why's and three recent purchases to prove the point! :) 

I ordered some gorgeous christmas cards from Charlotte Vallance and not only I got beautifully wrapped parcel (with my beloved washi tapes), but super gorgeous bow from bakers twine and absolutely fantastic business card (want one for myself please!)
I will enjoy sending every single one of those cards! :)
Click HERE to have a look at her shop!

Charlotte Vallance

Charlotte Vallance

Charlotte Vallance

Stunning screen printed pillows with super cute pom poms from Joanna Saarinen! :)
I am deeply and madly in love with her screen printed home goodies! Check out Joanna's lovely shop.
We were super lucky to receive those two pillows for our first wedding anniversary! *Thank you family in law! :D I was way too excited to take pictures of packaging but believe me it was gorgeous! Packed carefully and with love! I'm hugging those pillows at least once a day and they make me happier. :) And how gorgeous they look in our living room?! Oh, pure love! :)

Joanna Saarinen

Meet my pocket monster! :D
He's big enough to fit my phone and cute enough to make me happy!
Bought from Svetlana :)

This cutie travelled from Germany and is made from felt. What can I say! It's a treat! Can't stop enjoying it.) Whenever I see it in my bag or on a table it just makes me smile.
Svetlana Eberte
Handmade is beautiful in every sense.
This year we are planning to buy christmas presents from small sellers and they will be handmade.
So many awesomeness more to see and enjoy. :)
If you haven't tried buying handmade before.. you should.
The most important thing for me is amount of love and time people put into making, packing and shipping their creations. It's very special experience! TRY IT! :D And make sure to check those lovely ladies shops! :)

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