10 Jan 2013

House Brooches

Happy New Year lovelies!

I would like to introduce to you a collection of House brooches all inspired by beautiful and colourful Notting Hill houses. 
They come in three styles and lots of delicious colours. :) 

Hope you will like them!
Click here, here and here to see more.

Have a nice week everyone.

The real story is.. Actually the little houses started growing on my windowsill together with gorgeous green moss. So I've collected the houses and now sell in my little shop. Would you like to adopt some? :) 

Photography by lovely and talanted Maksim Kalanep


  1. These are gorgeous! Just found your blog for the first time and it's beautiful, I'll enjoy following you, Yvonne x

    1. Thank you! ^_^ <3
      Love your blog as well.)

  2. They really are adorable! I've been thinking about making building badges and magnets...Yours look so lovely! :-D

  3. Thank you! :) You must do some building badges or magnets! I bet they will be fab! <3