22 Dec 2012

Little special things and connections.


In the last week I noticed couple of connections, which are really small things but very special to me.

I love washi tapes! A have a little collection and I buy them from amazing UGUiSU store. They are shipped from Tokyo, Japan. They can be used in so many ways! This time I made some bags from gorgeous washi tape and recycled (hand printed paper) and was using them on More Market this Sunday. Click here for pictures by Maksim.
That day I had a customer, lady from Japan. She bought lots of little brooches and all of them were wrapped in those hand made and hand printed bags. I guess lovely lady already came back to Japan. And washi tapes made full circle and came back to their home! How weird is that they travelled all the way from Tokyo to be used and then come back to Japan.  

This July I visited Norway. We saw beautiful Haugesund and were lucky enough to camp in Eikefjord area. Norway is so beautiful, nature is mesmerising and stories and folk tales are breath taking. I was so inspired and one of the outcomes was this Viking watercolour, which I was selling in my etsy shop as a postcard.
And I was very happy when one lovely Norwegian lady bought all the stock I had. :) Happy because the Viking can come back home now and close another circle. 

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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