27 Jun 2013

Goodies in post!

Hello lovelies,

The other week I received two parcels with lovely goodies which I bought from two different places but they were equally awesome!

First parcel was from UGUiSU store. The shop is simply fantastic and if you haven't checked it out yet. DO IT! Washi tape, stationery, books, paper, all things awesome and japanese! Always very quick delivery and fantastic service. Feels like christmas (and even better!)

Second parcel was from very talanted and lovely illustrator Jieun Kim/ Drawing hand! :)
Parcel was overloaded with super amazing goodies and packaging was a treat!

oh!!! :) Thank you so much, those parcel made my week (even if it was couple of weeks ago) and all the goods which I received make me happier! :D

1 comment:

  1. Lovely!!! I just purchased some washi tape at UGUiSU for my collection <3

    Thank you opening my eyes to such lovely shops!

    Happy rest of the week!