10 Jul 2013

Stationery Love

Here are the very useful things I bought recently, they are not only useful but super pretty and make your life better (promise!).

MUJI hole puncher 

 I'm about to make some little labels for the goodies I sell at the markets and really needed a hole puncher. ^_^

Stamp set from MUJI, red and green ink. Do I need to say anything more? It's simply awesome!

MUJI stamp set 

How gorgeous is this notebook? And in french! Love. 

Beautiful notebook from anthropologie

I use origami paper for little notes which I put into on line orders, so I can never have enough cute paper. :) 

MUJI origami paper set (only £0.95!)

Tiny cute origami paper set from Shepherds (the most amazing paper shop in London!)

 I love stationery. Do you? :)

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